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2016-03-19 13:02:35 by s1gma

New Album coming soon

Youtube Uploads

2016-03-06 10:33:49 by s1gma

Hey all. 

Thanks for listening to my stuff really, it helps alot. 

Im here to just tell you that Im probably gonna upload new content to my Youtube channel. That way I can earn some pennies for every time you watch, and I get beer.


Thanks so much you guys. See you on the flip side.


[[ ps. my first album Paracosm is gonna be uploaded there soon so check it out okay? ]]


2014-06-26 20:23:27 by s1gma




That is all and everything I'll ever do.

Currently Working..

2012-09-02 22:59:46 by s1gma

Life isnt that great atm, but I'm trying to make some remixes as well as a few songs of my own.

One remix i've been pondering on is Primal Dialga. I have two already done from the past. But i am not happy with them at all for some darn reason. I'll try to get a better version uploaded soon.

Making own music << Very hard I tell ya. <_>

Well hope to see ya;ll with an update soon.


2012-04-14 09:35:48 by s1gma

I joined cause some friend wanted me to xP
I'm better known as Arxi but just call me Unit 7 on here, if you don't mind.

I do remixes, mashups of songs, I hope that's ok with Newgrounds o-o...

Thanks for reading and have a good day~